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Monthly Archives: May 2012

In VGA dreamland

My quest for better visuals and sound is an ongoing one it seems. I’m always determined to improve my entertainment experience; be it film, music or gaming, I never tire of looking at the next step in quality. It’s a … Read more

From Bedrooms to Billions

From Bedrooms to Billions – the independent movie celebrating the growth of the UK video games industry – hits Indiegogo for funding. Every now and again throughout history, something happens that spawns an entirely new industry and changes the world … Read more

Retro Reflection: Rise of the Robots

Billed as a revolution in the fighting genre and with superb visuals, Rise of the Robots got people talking. But was it all that? I barely played it as a child, so I’m giving it a second chance.

Retro reflection: Starwing

I love retro gaming. I love older games for their nostalgic value, their groundbreaking features or graphics and gameplay; I also love newer games with that retro feel – something you can’t always describe, but know it’s different to its … Read more

A fox or a plumber?

We’ve all had difficult decisions to make. Life-changing decisions even. The choice between Costa or Starbucks. To eat cereal or toast. Do I use the toilet and be late for work or arrive on time, but experience some of the … Read more

Meanwhile over in the Raspberry Pi corner

Many of my Twitter contacts and those I meet at events are fans of Eben Upton’s inspired little Raspberry Pi bit of kit. The Wordchazer household does intend to get one, eventually, but we’ll wait until the first surge in … Read more