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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Leisure Suit Larry: An interview with Alen Covert

I for one, think it’s a damn shame that Leisure Suit Larry is no longer under the control of the immortal Al Lowe, and after the hideous disaster that was ‘Magna Cum Laude’ you’d be forgiven for giving up on … Read more

New design added: Breakout

A brand new RetroGT web exclusive, not yet available at any of our stalls or exhibitions. Instant coolness and guaranteed success with girls* await you when you don this mighty new t-shirt inspired by the Atari classic, Breakout. A slick … Read more

New design added – Hurricane Kick

Our Love for Street Fighter continues. Following on from our Hadoken design this is the Hurricane Kick done in stylised japanese kanji. Those who have met us at shows or the London markets may have seen the Hurricane Kick before … Read more

Formal complaint from Mario to Nintendo

Link bait it may be, but the concept of Mario writing a formal letter of complaint to his bosses at Nintendo is just hilarious. Greg Lockwood has taken on the Mario persona in order to level a firm barrage of … Read more