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More retro goodness – 80s computers this time

As Sci Fi London hosts the Horizons event, celebrating 30 years of Uncle Clive’s Sinclair Spectrum this weekend, retro computing continues to ride the crest of a wave. For someone who spends a lot of weekend time at demo scene parties and digital arts events, this is just peachy. (And yes, I did drop in to Horizons yesterday and it was geeky and wonderful). Too bad finances didn’t allow for a second day today.

(In addition, I think my mother-in-law would have been a touch miffed if we’d not been around today as she intends to take us out to dinner tonight.)

Meantime, in matters of retro importance, my Twitter contact Adam Leadbetter┬áhas chipped into the collection with this link to the Guardian’s montage of 80s computers.

As I work through the Twitter favorites amassed during a month of serious editing and figures with not much writing, I’m sure I’ll find more links to share, but for now, this is it. Watch out for edits, however. This post is likely to be updated.

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