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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Little computer people

There’s a little person in my computer! And I have to feed him! Imagine a sim version of the Sims, but back in 1985 before the Sims had been invented, and before the word ‘sim’ had entered the English language. … Read more

Battle of Destiny 2008

Last weekend (26th & 27th July) was Neo Empire’s Battle of Destiny event bringing together fighting game fans from all over Europe. The event was held in a London venue with 2 floors featuring tournaments and exclusive plays of Street … Read more

Super Soccer Retro Review

  Hot. Sweaty. Passionate. No I’m not talking about ‘the other night’, but rather the intense sport that is Football. It’s a sport that captivates much of the Earth’s population with tens of thousands of fans turning up to most … Read more

The angles and the Zaxxons

When you think of 1982, you immediately think of isometric projection. It was this go-on-then-but-we’re-being-very-generous 3D-ish effect that first came to the popular consciousness with the landmark game Zaxxon, an early arcade hit for the pre-Sonic house of Sega. In … Read more

Retro GT @ London Film and Comic Con

We will be exhibiting at the yearly London Film and Comic Con held in Earl’s Court 2, London. Guests confirmed to be attending include Patrick Stewart, John Hurt, Pete Postlethwaite, Christopher Lloyd and a whole bunch of other people including … Read more

Sim City – Here Comes The Neighbourhood

Tiredness? Sore eyes? Headache? Forget Lemsip and Clarityn. The best way to clear all these symptoms is to remove Sim City from your hard drive. So what’s going on here. Well, the early versions – and it was originally designed … Read more

What game would you bring back?

After a marathon session of gaming on my SNES, I began wondering what it would be like if some of the games from my childhood were remade on current-gen systems. Looking through my retro catalogue, I would love to see … Read more

Championship Manager

Shropshire is like pipe smoking tobacco, Last of the Summer Wine box sets and spleens: you’ll never need them, but it’s nice to know that they’re there. It’s the home of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Ditherington flax mill, … Read more

Battle of Destiny trailer released

Neo Empire have released an official trailer for the fighting games tournament of the year. Check out all that’s on offer at Battle of Destiny, and if you haven’t done already, go and sign up! We’ll see you there.