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Revision 2014 – Return of the Geek

So, here I am once again at the E-Werk in Saarbrucken, to attend another Revision Easterparty.

This year I have the suitable gear (the Geek leggings, the retrogaming T-shirts, the statement purple patent DMs) and the suitable gear (a laptop with a backlit keyboard, a lava lamp and an LED polar bear to mark my space) and a brain full of ideas needing to be let out to an unsuspecting world.

Of course the live blog is back again too, as befits a digital arts party with so much access to technology of all eras. This weekend I expect to see ground breaking uses for unusual items and machinery doing things its inventors never thought possible.

I expect to hear great electronic music and see colourful demos, enjoy a few drinks (!) and catch up with many friends.

Live stream coverage can be found at: for interested viewers. SceneSat radio is also going to be broadcasting from the party starting with the opening ceremony tonight. (6pm Central European Time).

More to come once the party gets underway in four hours or so.

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