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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Mind Your Wing Mirrors! It’s Asteroids!

Imagine the scary music from Jaws, but played on a cardiac monitoring machine in a hospital corridor. That is the enigmatic sound of all round minimalist Asteroids, track five on our journey through Buckner and Garcia’s Pac Man Fever album. … Read more

Have A Banana! It’s Donkey Kong!

Frank Krmel, of Atlanta, Georgia and Shigeru Miyamoto of Kyoto, Japan are unlikely to find themselves mentioned together in any sentence other than this one. Miyamoto spent his childhood exploring the lakes and caves with which the land around his … Read more

New hoodie colours

Due to popular demand, we’ve added two new colours to our range of lovely hooded tops. All our designs are now available in bright red and dark grey.

Retro Review: Crazy Taxi

It was quite hard picking the next retro review. I’ve been buying some retro games from the internet, but I finally decided. I was going to review Crazy Taxi 2 actually. I’m not sure why, but it may be because … Read more