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Monthly Archives: April 2008

This is no ordinary NES cartridge

There are many dedicated modders out there. We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff ranging from lighting systems to skins and many software mods. But this, for me, has to be one of the best. It’s a complete NES system built … Read more

Is Sonic the Hedgehog actually rubbish?

With a hint of irony, I was downloading Sonic 3 the other day via the Wii’s Virtual Console. Bearing in mind the only classic Sonic game I’d played was the original, plus the mediocre 3D efforts on Dreamcast and GameCube, … Read more

New design added: 1337

OMG, this T-sh!rt r teh r0xx0rz!! We have added a new design based loosely around the logo of the classic game Elite on the BBC Micro. The word “Elite” is replaced with “1337” on a new winged insignia but retains … Read more

Retro Review: Virtua Tennis

Last month I re-gained the use of my Dreamcast after managing to get hold of the AV cable I’d lost. I even picked up two controllers for a quid each – this means Fur Fighters is a must buy now. … Read more

Wii Ware Tetris

A version of iconic game Tetris will make it’s way to the Wii Ware service, it has been announced. The game will include online capabilities for battling opponents. It’s likely the Wii’s Infra Red (IR) functionality will be used as … Read more

Monkey Island Guitar

Having literally just finished playing through Monkey Island 2 once again, I was absolutely gobsmacked to see this fantastic offering on eBay. Some awesome human being has bought a brand new Yamaha F310 guitar, and expertly painted it with a … Read more