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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Oh Lordy! It’s Out Run!

A couple of weeks ago we spoke about – yes, that’s right – isometric projection and the way it vaguely brought a kind of 3Dish feel to the yawn-smothering delights of Zaxxon (see ‘The angles and the Zaxxons‘, June 21st.) … Read more

New Megaman 9 goes retro

Coming to console this Autumn is Capcom’s action platformer Megaman 9, also known as Rockman 9: The Ambition’s Revival!!. This new sequel to the popular Megaman franchise will be available for download on WiiWare, Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. … Read more

New designs added: Burger, Chicken and Ham

We’ve gone back to the Health Food design and extended the range so the ‘Chicken’ and ‘Ham’ are available individually along with the new ‘Burger’, an important food group in its own right. Pixellated text and a health bar makes … Read more