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Danny Morgan

Twitter: @@D_LMorgan

I trained as a journalist in a bid to join a profession hated by many, tarnished by scandals and to not earn much money. I'm achieving this aim and I don't have a single regret. I mainly work as a sub-editor, but I also proofread and freelance on the side.

Posts by Danny Morgan

Have I gone through gamer puberty?

As hard as I try, I can’t get excited. No, that isn’t a common complaint of mine. I’m struggling to get excited about Nintendo. There I said it. Maybe I’ll regret publishing this here, but I’m surely not alone in feeling … Read more

Retro Reflection: Fur Fighters

Summer has finally arrived and with it comes a lot of moaning. Moaning about how hot it is. And usually the same people who, just a few weeks previous, were moaning about how cold and wet it was. So what … Read more

In VGA dreamland

My quest for better visuals and sound is an ongoing one it seems. I’m always determined to improve my entertainment experience; be it film, music or gaming, I never tire of looking at the next step in quality. It’s a … Read more

Retro Reflection: Rise of the Robots

Billed as a revolution in the fighting genre and with superb visuals, Rise of the Robots got people talking. But was it all that? I barely played it as a child, so I’m giving it a second chance.

Retro reflection: Starwing

I love retro gaming. I love older games for their nostalgic value, their groundbreaking features or graphics and gameplay; I also love newer games with that retro feel – something you can’t always describe, but know it’s different to its … Read more