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Revision 2014 – Return of the Geek

So, here I am once again at the E-Werk in Saarbrucken, to attend another Revision Easterparty. This year I have the suitable gear (the Geek leggings, the retrogaming T-shirts, the statement purple patent DMs) and the suitable gear (a laptop … Read more

Have I gone through gamer puberty?

As hard as I try, I can’t get excited. No, that isn’t a common complaint of mine. I’m struggling to get excited about┬áNintendo. There I said it. Maybe I’ll regret publishing this here, but I’m surely not alone in feeling … Read more

Gamerdisco X Random

Gaming night organisers Gamerdisco announces their next awesome event: GAMERDISCO and VIRTUAL BOY PROMOTIONS are excited to bring you the most unique night of 2013, when acclaimed US Nerdcore rapper RANDOM (a.k.a Mega Ran) drops into London as part of … Read more


Revival Retro Events announced Revival 2013 a few months back and as the event draws near they have revealed their ‘mostly finalised’ floor plan. The event focuses on retro gaming and will host a large selection of arcade machines, consoles … Read more

Silicon Dreams update – musicians confirmed

Last month I blogged about the upcoming Silicon Dreams and Vintage Computer Festival event┬áscheduled for early July. Today came the eagerly awaited announcement about the musical component of that event. Earlier today, Silicon Dreams’ Facebook and Twitter feeds carried the … Read more