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Revision Easterparty – Saturday night and into Sunday

Having been put out of my misery about the bands who would be playing at Silicon Dreams (in which regular readers will know I have an interest…) I was able to concentrate on the rest of the event.

A DJ set by Hoffman is always a high point of any party – as a professional, he only plays the very best parties! – and seeing as he’s a scener too, he’s a popular man. My husband knows both him and his wife, SaVannaH, so this was a particular treat. I’ve seen several Hoffman concerts on the stream before but never managed to meet him until this party.

Unfortunately for party spirits, we had to stay sober, as my husband was facing the prospect of the drive back the next day. However, it did allow us to appreciate just how good the music was, as even now several tunes which Hoffman played are still earworming around in our heads.

After Hoffman’s gig the big name compos were aired. That is to say, the 64k intro, the web browser compo, oldskool 4K intro, Amiga demo and PC demo. These occupied most of the next four hours or so and were by turns tuneful and colourful.

It seemed as if Someone Had Spoken To scroller guy, as he was much quieter than he had been, Maybe my outrage last night had the necessary effect, who knows? I also moved down the table so I wasn’t immediately back-to-back with him, which helped. Whatever the reason, he piped down rather noticeably.

We crawled into the night shuttle far too late and wandered off to bed for another night of sound sleep. Comfortable beds and an adequately heated room have a lot to answer for.

After breakfast and checkout the next morning, we shouldered our worldly goods and headed out for the connecting shuttle back to the party place. All the shuttles were free thanks to the sponsors of the party, and very welcome they were too.

As we’d left the car at the party place for the weekend, we were able to immediately pack most of our gear before seeing the prizegiving ceremony and bidding farewell to everyone we’d met at the event.

Five countries, six languages and a few hiccups with the Eurotunnel (cancellations, don’t you know, have to happen on a Bank Holiday weekend) we were back in the UK and heading towards home as fast as the M20 and M25 would permit.

I’m firmly of the opinion that I dislike Brits abroad intensely, as most of those I encountered outside the scene during the weekend were behaving totally abysmally. Unfortunately for me, as that just makes me ashamed to be a Brit. Never mind, I can now sit in my own home for a few hours and behave as badly as I want, as we arrived home in one piece and successfully, no breakdowns and no accidents, just a few near misses of one sort or another thanks to others’ unpredictability.

I think after the hassles of the homeward drive, it’s overdue time for a night in my own bed. The tidying up, sorting out and washing can just wait until tomorrow. It won’t go anywhere.

And there you have it, the diary of a legendary German Easterparty. Now you know what to expect if you choose to attend one yourself. If the idea appeals, I can give you details of your nearest party, whether it is in the UK, Scandinavia, the Netherlands or Germany. Thanks to the RetroGT guys for allowing me to tell you all about this. They weren’t at Revision but do attend similar events in the UK such as (Manchester, October) and various film and collector events in the course of the average year.

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