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What game would you bring back?

Donkey Kong CountryAfter a marathon session of gaming on my SNES, I began wondering what it would be like if some of the games from my childhood were remade on current-gen systems.

Looking through my retro catalogue, I would love to see what an up to date version of some of the games would be like. Donkey Kong Country, Super Bomberman are among my favourites to see revitalised. Donkey Kong Country (DKC) on the SNES was revolutionary in terms of graphical prowess. Colourful level design and smooth 3D animation were a big part of what made DKC so great. But, in all honesty there hasn’t been a decent DK game since – c’mon Donkey Konga hardly counts!


Super BombermanSuper Bomberman 2 was also a big part of my childhood. Simple, but addictive, gameplay proved great fun with a friend. I wasn’t such a fan of the single player, but it was great boxing in a mate by throwing a bomb across the screen.

I do wonder, though, whether the games would be ruined by simply being on the 360? Would the updated graphics actually show up the games for their faults? Perhaps DK wouldn’t fare so well, but Bomberman could certainly do with a facelift.


Rise of the robotsI would even enjoy seeing some crappy games being remade. Anyone remember Rise of the Robots and how it was supposed to revolutionise gaming? (Why does everything have to be revolutionary?) Well, it sucked! It sucked sooo bad! Yeah, sure, some of the graphics were pretty cool, but the gameplay was truly awful. The single player ‘campaign’ was boring, uninventive (oh no, not more robots gone bad) and too easy. The multiplayer was just as bad. You could effectively win the bout with the first punch by trapping your opponent on the edge of the screen and beating the crap out of ’em. Either way, I liked the style of the game – it had an edge about it. It could and should have been a better game. Seeing it on the PS3 would be like having a bagful of awesomeness…and a Dime bar cake.

I could go on, but to be honest I can’t be bothered. So what about you? What games would you like to see re-incarnated on the PS3? Would you like any retro games remade on the Wii with complementary motion controls? Comment away!


  1. There’s new Golden Axe and Splatterhouse on their way to PS3/360.. they look fairly mediocre and will probably go under the radar like the PS2 remakes of Final Fight and Altered Beast. The only 2d game i can think of that has successfully made the transition to 3d is Ninja Gaiden.. and maybe Mario, but I don’t play Mario.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We want Dizzy back!!!
    I’m not entirely sure how well Dizzy would translate to the new 3D style of games like Mario, but I’d spend the �50 to find out!

    I’d also like to see some new games in the vain of LucasArts adventure games. We need more Monkey Island style games… Point n Click adventures have never been too easy to play on consoles, but the DS with it’s stylus should be able to manage it quite well, or even the Wii?

    As for Bomberman, I was once contacted by a guy that ran mass Bomberman games – I don’t know how, but he sent me a photo of a game being played on an overhead projector, with loads of PCs hooked up and around EIGHTY players simultaniously! Now THAT is a whole bag of awesome…

  3. I think Bomberman on 360 could be a good idea. I played Pac-man Championship Edition on XBLA for the first time last week and have to say it’s fantastic. They’ve kept the simple gameplay but improved the way it’s played by making it far more intense and frenetic. I never thought Pac-man could be improved! So long as they don’t alter the core mechanics that make Bomberman a classic they could feasibly rehash and improve it for the modern gamer.

    Oh yeah, GTA is better in 3d. I went back to the original and the wobbly graphics made me feel nauseous.

  4. RegalSin

    Well that depends on how lame it would be to get something that is upgraded and uhm like lets just forget about it. Like just stop it since the PS3 along with all this stuff is just garbage. 20 years is nothing
    me freind. What bring me back to gaming is if they start making SNES games again but they are too slow to figure that out.