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Twitter: @griefjunkie

When not writing stuff for us, Mr Smith has his own blog here. It deals mainly with his war of attrition with the general public, a conflict in which neither side seems to want to back down. You'd either have to be mad, or just have something better to do, to miss it. He has Twitter, too, if you fancy it.

Posts by Mr Smith

E.T. Go Home!

Howard Scott Warshaw is a man who knows what he likes, and being a high ranking systems engineer at Hewlett Packard is not it.  Programming games for Atari, however, is.  This is how he came to leave the former for … Read more

Snake’s On A Phone!

Snake is to mobile phone gaming what Pac Man is to upright cabinets or Tetris is to consoles.  If you’ve never heard of it, please leave now.  If you’ve never played it, you’ve probably never had a phone.  If you … Read more

The First Rule of Super Punch Out is…

Thanks to political correctness gone mad, the days of watching a midget fight a booze crazed Russian called Vodka Drunkenski in a south east London pub are sadly gone. The magic of those far off nights – and the fine … Read more

Can We Have Our Ball Back? Pong Changes The World

In November 1972, a heap of litter appeared in one corner of Andy Capp’s Tavern in Sunnyvale, California.  Upon further inspection, however, it turned out to be a black and white television, a coin-op mechanism from a local laundrette, a … Read more

Ashtrays A Go-Go – it’s Galaxian!

Galaxian was the last of the first arcade games, featuring as it did a lone, undergunned ship battling against several rows of relentlessly descending invaders from space – much like Space Invaders, come to think of it. It would be … Read more

Take Cover – it’s Missile Command!

People were obsessed with impending nuclear Armageddon in the 1980’s, presumably as a way to take their minds off the awful music and rubbish clothes. However, even in 1980, with Two Tone dominating the charts, the mod revival in full … Read more

Partying With The Jet Set

As we discovered last time when we examined Manic Miner, Miner Willy’s working life was arduous, risky, and set to royalty-free classical music on an endless loop. So, like anyone in the 1980’s, his chosen method of relaxation was to … Read more

Get Your Willy Out – it’s Manic Miner!

In the 1980’s, miners were more notable for picket lines, pitched battles with the police and their part in an ideological struggle with Thatcher’s Britain that threatened at times to boil over into an actual gloves-off class war. There was … Read more