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Street Fighter IV – In training (Week 3)

Street Fighter IV Training - Week 3Technically this is week 4, but I’ve been
away on an exotic cycling trip to the Isle of Wight. I know…you’re jealous
right!? Anyway, this is my 3rd week of actual training.

To be honest, my training has somewhat
been neglected. I haven’t been training that much at all. It’s like joining a
new gym. At first you’re really up for it. You want to get that six-pack, build
those biceps and woo the…ladies. But, then you get tired, fed up, sore and
just generally de-motivated. You begin to resent paying for that membership.

Well, I’m in a similar scenario here.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the game. But I hate just plodding along. Whereas
the first 2 weeks I felt like I was learning, improving and building those
virtual biceps, this week I have gotten nowhere. I’ve become too predictable
with my usual characters and I can’t seem to get remotely good with any new
ones. The honeymoon period is over.

If I could afford it I would buy an arcade
stick – I’m definitely struggling with the combos. It’s extremely frustrating
as I KNOW I’m pressing the right buttons, in the right order and quick enough.
The game just isn’t recognising this, obviously it’s a glitch – there’s no way
it has anything to do with me being rubbish.

have a mate who is going to teach me how to show off some moves and deal some
damage. In his words he is ‘kickass’ at Street Fighter 4 and routinely dishes
our some serious ‘ownage’ online. I dunno – these young people and their new
online lingo. I’ll let you know if it works either at week 4 or 5.

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