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GamerDads charity Christmas song 2011

Be it Cliff Richard, a manufactured X-Factor cover song or Rage Against the Machine, it just isn’t Christmas until the coveted number one chart position is announced and we have a new Christmas hit to add to the list for all eternity.

This year, our money is on the GamerDads collaborative charity effort, ‘Leave the noobs’. Combining the vocal talents of members of the gaming community and delivering a message of peace for our time and goodwill to all noobs, this showstopper of a track is bound to catapult up the charts to the top slot in time for Christmas day.

Well, ok we’ll admit that this is probably a long shot, but still we were proud to be a part of it and do our bit for the gaming charity Special Effect. Go and check out the great work these guys do to help people with disabilities enjoy video games and maybe chuck them a bit of cash this Christmas.


  1. Great initiative there, the gaming community needs more of this, even though quite a number of people already try their best supporting good associations like this one.

    I’d be curious to know the results of this campaign. Will you post an update or something?

  2. Hello Archembo – thanks for the kind comment. 🙂

    GamerDads has been associated with special effect for two years now and we have done quite a bit of fundraising in that time, including marathon running, etc – but this is probably the biggest and most involved project we’ve done for them yet! 🙂

    In terms of the fundraising results, unfortunately iTunes blocked the song at the last minuite, so we couldn’t raise money from direct sales of the record and music video, so we are solely relying on donations.

    Just Giving release a statement to Special effect in Febuary, so we will know what the song raised then.

    In the meantime, it has gotton Special Effect quite alot of extra press attention, so I guess mission accomplised on that front! 🙂

  3. Any reason given why Itunes turned it down? Doesn’t seem very logical, even from the PR perspective…

    Thank you for the answer I’ll stay tuned for the results!