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Blogger at large – Revision retroparty, Saarbrücken

A drive of twelve hours, across five countries, with road signs in at least six languages. A Eurotunnel crossing, a fast food meal and too little tea, but we’re here.

The intrepid party including your blogger at large has fetched up in Saarbrücken to attend the Revision Easter demoparty and digital arts gathering in the E-Werk building.

The hotel receptionist switches fluently from German to French to English according to the needs of her clientele and is unfailingly polite in all three languages. The predominant language of staff and guests is German, the cleaning staff appear to converse in French and everyone has at least a few words of English.

The hotel is clean and warm, the beds comfortable and the twin duvets presently rather inviting! So, upon finishing my latest glass of wine, I shall be removing myself in the general direction of that destination.

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