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Twitter: @simiane

Gary spent his entire childhood in front of a ZX Spectrum and an Amstrad CPC464. Aged six, he attempted to write his first computer game by making screeching sounds into a tape recorder. He was genuinely surprised when it didn't work. Today he is joint owner of RetroGT and a freelance ColdFusion developer. His favourite games character is Dizzy.

Posts by Gary Stanton

Hand baked arcade ‘Pure Gaming’

Those guys at the Hand Baked Arcade are at it again. After the success of their recent showcase at Pure Groove, they’re back with a regular event – ?Pure Gaming’. The first is on Saturday May 29th 2010, with a … Read more

Postage delays due to volcanic ash cloud

Due to continued flight restrictions thoughout the UK and Europe, there may be a delay in receiving orders overseas and to certain locations in the UK. The Royal Mail are still shipping packages to these destinations via alternative methods, however … Read more

Hand baked arcade retro game showcase

We thought you’d like to know that our friends over at are putting on a night of retro gaming fun in East London on the 27th March. Their retro gaming installations have been well received all over the country … Read more

Desktop Arcade Cabinet

If you don’t have the space for a full sized arcade cabinet, this could be the answer. It’s a familiar story. You desperately want an arcade cabinet running Mame with the best custom joystick parts… But either you’ve got no … Read more

Ready-Up set gaming world record!

Our mates over at have always been pretty fanatical about gaming. It’s pretty much all they ever talk about which, frankly, is fine by us. So we weren’t entirely surprised when we heard that they were going to attempt … Read more

Neo Empire SFIV Ranking Battles

By now I’d expect that everyone’s had enough time to rush out and purchase the AWESOME new Street Fighter IV, find out about the wealth of new fighting strategies it provides, and in all probability, create massive sores on their … Read more

Street Fighter IV interview with Leo Tan

With Street Fighter IV’s long awaited release looming, those awesome guys over at Ready-Up have managed to get an exclusive interview with Capcom’s Leo Tan – who among other things, assures the gaming world that the last six months he’s … Read more

New hoodie colours

Due to popular demand, we’ve added two new colours to our range of lovely hooded tops. All our designs are now available in bright red and dark grey.