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Desktop Arcade Cabinet

Desktop arcade cabinet

If you don’t have the space for a full sized arcade cabinet, this could be the answer.

It’s a familiar story. You desperately want an arcade cabinet running Mame with the best custom joystick parts… But either you’ve got no space, or more often a wife/girlfriend who strongly disagrees that the spare room should be used as a games room. (Honestly… I run a company selling video game t-shirts, you knew what you were signing up for!)

Well this desktop sized cabinet could be the answer. Combining top quality parts, with a small build, this is a truly beautiful piece of kit – and importantly, can be easily hidden in a cupboard.

We were lucky enough to get chatting to the creator of this awesome cab in a pub recently, so we’re hoping to eventually get them for sale on the site, but you can get your hands on the prototype right now over on eBay. And for a mere £350, you’re not going to find a better deal, anywhere, ever.

Desktop arcade cab eBay auction


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