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Retro GT launches new website

After several months of hard toil, blood, sweat & tears, Retro GT launched our new website on January 17th 2008.

The new site has loads of new products and features:

  • All retro designs are now available on Girl’s t-shirts and Hoodies.
  • Our search function is now literally 10 times better.
  • Customers can post reviews of our lovely retro t-shirts on the site.
  • We have a slick new blog system to keep you informed of all the best retro games related stuff out there.

We’re not resting now though, there’s much more to come including:

  • Loads of new designs.
  • Kid’s t-shirts.
  • Ability to post photographs of yourselves and your mates sporting our wares.
  • Retro games forums.

So, check back often because the face of Retro GT is ever changing.

If you don’t fancy the idea of continually sitting in front of your computer clicking the ‘refresh’ button in case we’ve added something new to the site, then just sign up to become a member. That way you can add yourself to our lovely mailing list and be informed just as soon as anything cool happens.

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