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Frogster Interactive to remake Bitmap Brothers titles

Speedball 2Frogster Interactive have decided to modernise not one, but two titles from the 16-bit era. The German publisher recently announced that it has signed a deal with The Bitmap Brothers to remake ‘Speedball 2’ and ‘Chaos Engine’. The titles are scheduled for worldwide release in 2007 and judging by the publisher’s back catalogue the target platform is most likely to be the PC.

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to breathe life into the Speedball brand. The Bitmap Brothers themselves developed Speedball 2100 for the PlayStation back in 2000 and, sadly, Speedball Arena for the PC was cancelled mid-development.

Arguably The Bitmap Brother’s most famous title, ‘Speedball 2′ was a future sports sim resembling American football but with fewer rules and more violence. Chaos Engine was a shoot’em up with co-op play and ambitious gameplay twists. Both games made their mark on the Commodore Amiga before moving onto other platforms, they were typical examples of The Bitmap Brothers’ programming prowess and stunning artistic style. Let’s hope Frogster Interactive can do the titles justice.

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