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Frogger’s 25th Anniversary

“I got to the other side of the road and crossed the river. There was nothing there… so I did it again.”

FroggerNot only has our traffic dodging friend reached the other side but he has also reached a ripe old age of 25. Our frog expert sources tell us that 25 is old for a frog. Their longevity averages between 4 and 15 years with the oldest reported being a European Common Toad who had a lifespan of a whopping 40 years.

Frog facts aside, Konami have launched a website (see related link) and a promotional campaign to celebrate the Frogger franchise’s milestone.

“One of the original video game icons, Frogger remains just as popular today as when he first tried to cross that busy street 25 years ago,” said Konami senior VP of sales and marketing Catherine Fowler. “We are celebrating Frogger’s silver anniversary with a variety of new products and programs that will ensure that he remains an enduring figure to an all-new generation of gamers as well as the millions of existing fans of the franchise.”