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Bubble Bobble ENEMIES! Card Holder

Officially Licensed

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About this design

In 1986, Taito brought one of the most original and popular platform games to the arcades. This game is, of course, Bubble Bobble which opens with the timeless sequence that reads:

"Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story!! Let's make a journey to the cave of monsters! Good luck!"

This is the tale of Bub and Bob, two bubble blowing dragons on a mission to rescue their girlfriends. To reach them, the players in control of Bub and Bob must clear 100 levels by destroying the monsters that occupy them. They do this by blowing and trapping the monsters in their bubbles and then finishing them off by bursting them. They could also make use of special bubbles that float onto the screen to zap, flush or burn the enemies. Plenty of items would appear for bonus points and collecting the letters to spell "E X T E N D" would clear the stage and award an extra life.

The bubble blowing was an original and refreshing mechanic that made Bubble Bobble stand out from the crowd. Hidden bonuses, power-ups and excellent cooperative play round off this platforming classic.

This officially licensed travel card wallet features the pixel sprites of Bub, Bob and their devious enemies. Great for train cards, bus passes, credit cards, money and photo ID.

Product information

  • High quality durable plastic wallet
  • Designed to fit Oyster cards, travel cards, credit/debit cards
  • Full colour print with gloss finish
  • 2 sleeves