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Cassette Travel Card Holder

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About this design

The audio cassette was invented by Philips in 1962. It was small, compact and relatively durable. The cassette tape became a popular medium for the music industry, home recordings and eventually data recordings.

It was cheaper to produce than the floppy disk and so became the primary data storage medium for many home computers during the 80's despite lengthy loading times. Because the tape stored data as analogue audio it was easily duplicated and lead to a rife piracy culture. Copies were reliant on the quality of the recording, poor quality cassettes or equipment often resulted in load failures.

Without doubt, the image of the cassette tape is one of the definitive symbols of the past.

Product information

  • High quality durable plastic wallet
  • Designed to fit Oyster cards, travel cards, credit/debit cards
  • Full colour print with gloss finish
  • 2 sleeves