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Pixel Penguin Office Card holder

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About this design

In a recent survey, 99 out of 100 pixelated penguins said that they'd like to work at Pixel Penguins Inc.
It's a vibrant office atmosphere with plenty of perks, including subsidised McPixelFish™ in the canteen, low interest starter igloo loans and generous pengtion contributions.

True, the work day can get a bit hectic. There's constant threat of a hostile takeover by Pixel Polar Bear Corp, and sometimes things can get pretty out of hand at office parties... but overall our Pixel Pengiuns are happy and content in their jobs.

Ideal for holding your Oyster Card, travel card, credit card or notes, these durable plastic card holders are of superb quality with a crystal sharp print.

Product information

  • High quality durable plastic wallet
  • Designed to fit Oyster cards, travel cards, credit/debit cards
  • Full colour print with gloss finish
  • 2 sleeves