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Hyper V-Battle Pixel Coaster Set

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About this design

Pixel coasters featuring ships from our Hyper V-Battle pixel art range.

Hyper V-Battle is inspired by vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups from Japan. Multiple weapon choices, numerous enemies and big boss battles were staple features in this frenzied genre.

As the need for more intense action grew, subsequent games added more powerful weapons, more enemies and bigger explosions. The level of fireworks reached epic proportions in turn creating the 'bullet hell' sub-genre where enemy projectiles filled the screen.

Product information

  • Pack of 4 melamine coasters
  • Full colour print
  • Resistant to normal household stains
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees centigrade
  • Not suitable for use as chopping boards
  • Clean with a damn sponge and dry with a soft cloth. Do not immerse in water or put in a dishwasher.