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1337 Hoodie

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About this design

Leet or Leetspeak is simply a way of writing by replacing letters with numbers or ASCII symbols and frequently includes intentional misspellings. It began as a form of encrypted communication among hackers to circumvent text filters on bulletin board systems (BBS) where a user with "elite" status could access files regular users could not. It has since evolved and is now widely used in gaming and Internet forums, often for expressive insults and proclamation.

1337, L33t, 31337, etc are phonetic derivatives of the word "elite". It refers to someone's superior ability or status, the opposite of which being "n00b", someone displaying inept qualities.

This is a design for those who like to pwn.

Product information

  • Original design by RetroGT
  • Hand printed in the UK
  • 270 - 280gsm Double fabric hood with contrast inner
  • Kangaroo pouch pocket with small opening for earphone cord feed
  • Hidden earphone loops
  • Machine wash warm (40 Degrees) - Do not iron on print - Do not tumble dry
Size S M L XL
Chest 35-37″ 38-40″ 41-43″ 44-46″