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Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray

Officially Licensed

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About this design

Keep your drinks cool with iconic invader shaped ice cubes made from this officially licensed ice tray.

Space Invaders needs no introduction. The sound of its throbbing beat and sight of its alien waves are unmistakable. It was the brainchild of Toshihiro Nishikado whose alien designs were inspired by War of the Worlds and various sea creatures. Large formations of these aliens would steadily march their way down the screen while you thin their numbers from a moving gun at the bottom. They would gain speed as more of them got destroyed, usually resulting in a frantic conclusion.

Space Invaders is no doubt one of the most influential and iconic video games of all time. It inspired many similar games including the popular Galaxian. From then on, the invading alien became a video game staple and has firmly cemented itself in popular culture.