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Tetris Ice Cube Tray

Officially Licensed

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About this design

The official Tetris Ice Cube Tray will add a touch of cool to your beverage in more ways than one. Each ice cube will be Tetrimino shaped and fans of Tetris will love the stylish blocks this tray produces.

The Tetris Ice Cube Tray measures just over 11 by 15 cms and produces nine Tetrimino shaped ice cubes with each block clearly segmented. The Tetris Ice Cube Tray is the same colour purple as the T Tetrimino and is made of a flexible plastic which allows for the easy removal of ice cubes even when frozen. There is a small lip around the edge of the tray to allow for any overflow of water when filling the ice cube tray.

Tetris® is one of the most popular video games of all time with hundreds of millions of players. After its humble beginnings in Russia, this timeless puzzle game became a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by all. Because of its unique yet simple randomness, it is always a fresh experience and never the same game twice.