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Kid's Pong T-Shirt

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About this design

Ahh, Pong... Often considered to be the world's first video game, Pong has had a colourful history.

The concept was initially developed by William A. Higinbotham in 1958, who played the game on an oscilloscope using a variety of switches and electronic doodads. Over a decade later, a similar game was patented by electronics company Magnavox, who hoped to use it to sell their television sets. In 1972, a demo of the Magnavox system was played by one 'Nolan Bushnell'. Nolan later created Atari, with a view to create arcade games. He wanted to market a driving game, but first as a practice exercise, asked his programmer (Al Alcorn) to make a version of the Pong game he'd played in '72. When Atari tested their new Pong machine in a bar, it was so popular that people were queuing outside. The machine eventually stopped working because it was too full of money!!! After a brief legal 'squabble' with Magnavox over the licence, Atari put Pong into mass production both in arcade machines and home units and the game fast became a legend. After paying Magnavox around $700,000 to sell Pong machines, Atari still had patent issues. As a result, Pong was cloned and copied by many different companies. Here in the UK, you're most likely to have played Pong as a kid on a 'Binatone' machine...

Pong is now available, on a stylish t-shirt.

Product information

  • Original design by RetroGT
  • Hand printed in the UK
  • 185gsm, pre-shrunk t-shirt
  • Double stiched sleeve & waist
  • Seamless collar with taped neck & shoulders
  • Machine wash warm (40 Degrees) - Do not iron on print - Do not tumble dry
Chest 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″