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Pac Man Cufflinks

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About this design

Stylish, beautifully made enamel painted cufflinks featuring Pac-Man and Binky.

In 1980, Namco introduced Puck Man onto the Japanese arcade scene. Midway later brought the game to the U.S and changed its name to Pac-Man where its broad appeal saw the game's popularity explode.

Pac-Man was a simple but addictive game where the player navigates around the maze eating dots, fruit and avoiding ghosts. Eating the famous "power pills" would temporarily turn the ghosts blue and make them edible.

As with many popular video games of the golden age it spawned numerous ports, clones and sequels. More importantly, it kicked started a genre and brought video games to a wider audience making it a truly landmark title. The game's greatest legacy is Pac-Man himself, arguably video gaming's most well known and best-loved mascot.